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How To Pack Travel Essentials For Oceania Adventure

What you pack into your suitcase can make or break your travel experience. Believe me, I’ve been there and done without that. Then wished I could go back and pack right my travel essentials right before my flight. For sure, you’d want to do it right for your Oceania travel essentials.

I learned that context is important to consider when creating a checklist of things to pack. The best times to visit, the top destinations, and the culture will determine the right things to bring.

For example, Australia backpacking in summer will bring on the hottest weather. So, sunscreen and a wide brimmed hat is a must! Otherwise you’ll come home with a sunburn instead of a golden tan. These are common items we rarely give a thought about but it makes sense in Australia’s climate.

New Zealand top destinations are about scenic mountains and hiking trails. Hiking boots are definitely then a must-have in your New Zealand travel essentials, any old sneaker won’t do. They might end up giving up on the mountain trail before you do!

Another side of context you should consider is yours. What are the things you actually plan to do in Australia? What places do you want to visit in New Zealand? Deciding on your top destinations, your city tour activities, and when to visit will help you choose the right things to bring.

Time spent on research will also become more efficient as you focus on what truly matters and bring what’s most important.

What To Pack for Oceania

You can find the list of things below to get you started. These items are generally applicable to all seasons in Australia and New Zealand. Constants like a stronger sun intensity and an urban landscape for Australia, and a generally cooler climate and more rugged travel experience for New Zealand.

Even if you miss out on some things, don’t stress about it. Because a lot of times in traveling, it’s about the journey just as much as the destination.

Australia Travel Essentials

  • Sunscreen – SPF 50+ and should be reef-safe. Meaning, the sunscreen is safe for the marine life in the ocean especially if you’re visiting Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.
  • Wide-brimmed sun hat – protect your skin from the heat and the intense UV rays in Australia/
  • Light backpack for daytime – important for Australia backpacking or when you’re going to the beach and just need a small backpack to place your beach items.
  • Rubber shoes or hiking boots – for touring Australia’s national parks or the mountain trails just outside Sydney
  • Sandals or flipflops – comfortable footwear for the beach or even for a casual walk around the city
  • Lightweight jacket – Australia experiences rain even during summer
  • Clothes – shorts, jeans, lightweight pants, socks
  • Water bottle – the hot weather’s going to increase your thirst, so it’s best to have a water bottle handy. Australia has water fountains where you can refill and have a drink.
  • Australian visa – this is your valid permit to entry the country. But if you’re a New Zealand citizen, you don’t need a visa. Read more about applying for an Australian tourist visa here:
  • Health insurance – this is listed on the Australia Department of Home Affairs eligibility guidelines when applying for a visa. The health insurance will take care of any unexpected healthcare you might need during your trip.
  • Travel insurance – this will cover costs of accidents, theft, cancelled flights, medical emergencies, and the like. You don’t know what may happen so it’s best to be insured even as you travel.
  • Voltage converter and power adapter – Australia’s main voltage is 230V 50HZ and an outlet with three sockets.

New Zealand Travel Essentials

  • Power adapter- New Zealand uses a type 1 plug the same as Australia’s. You need this to safely charge your smartphone or tablet while in New Zealand.
  • Lightweight travel backpack – a backpack will make your New Zealand outdoor adventures easier because you can bring your travel essentials in a spacious and lightweight bag. Save yourself the extra weight as you enjoy your New Zealand backpacking adventure.
  • Clothing – comfortable t-shirts, pants, skirts, socks, and underwear. Take along a nice collared shirt for the men and a nice blouse for the ladies for New Zealand’s cityscape.
  • Shoes – hiking boots and nice shoes for the city. Think loafers, boat shoes, and ballet flats.
  • Rain jacket – New Zealand’s average rain fall is particularly high which is why a rain jacket will come in handy.
  • Jackets, scarves, and hats – New Zealand travel experiences include pleasant weather that’s cool even during summer. Best to bring these items that would keep your head, your ears, and your body warm.
  • New Zealand visa – like Australia’s or any other country’s visa, this is your official permit to enter the country. New Zealand has a visa waiver agreement with countries which you can check out the government’s official website. You can check New Zealand Immigration guidelines for more details.

We know the list does not cover all travel essentials but the idea is to aware our fellow travelers on what to expect during their trip to Oceania. If you have any ideas to share on travel essentials or travel experiences from New Zealand and Australia adventure, please share them in the comments below or contact us.

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