Hello i am an enthusiastic traveller,  blogger and a techie by background, who is on world expedition and wants to share along the travel experiences.

Be it good or bad, usual or unusual, luxury or budget with mindful tips to plan your travel and get ready with the backpacking.

Journey so Far

I am an Indian travel blogger who has explored different cities, experienced cultural diversities, seen lot of lingual and regional differences in country itself as a result I got my passion for travel. With more travels I have garnered better experiences and wanted to explore more. Then the journey began to see the world with my naked eye and respect the differences.

While travelling I always wondered and had many questions in my mind. For instance what travel essentials should I keep for my backpacking , which part of the city is only known to the locals. In addition is it safe to go out in the midnight, which restaurant I should visit, what hotel will fit in my budget, should I book a private cab or metro and a lot more…. I think these questions ponder in to every traveler’s mind. 

The idea to muster the Travel Experiences

So, the idea is to not only to gather my personal experiences while travelling but also to do an intensive research and understand reviews and opinions of other people based on their travel experiences. This way we can find answers to most of the questions travelers have around the world visiting different places making everyone travel ready with some plan to start with. Consequently avoiding hassles and saving unnecessary expenses and to have better idea about the place.


MyTravelExp is all about the travel guide, travel essentials to carry, travelling tips and tricks based on factual, authentic and real experiences of different travelers while travelling around the world. In conclusion, I want to build a community of travelers to enlighten other travelers with their experiences and travel hacks. Therefore, if anyone is interested to be part of the journey- to guide the fellow travelers or to share the personal travel experiences, I would be happy to work with them.

Some Wise Travel Tips

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