Work With Us

Thanks for your interest in working together

Its great that you have dropped by the blog . It’s really an honor to serve the interest of fellow bloggers and brands who can cater my audiences.

The idea of building MyTravelExp is to form a community of travellers and fellow bloggers who are convinced with the idea to share factual, authentic and real travel experiences to wider audiences around the world through this platform. Using digital platform such as MyTravelExp would help to engage and help everyone to take informed travel decisions.

I hope that you have read about me and got the idea of personality behind the blog, and why I am so passionate to travel and share experiences along. My aim is to educate, inspire, recommend travels with all the real life experiences from fellow travellers to the everyday person in order to make them travel ready and to provide all these experiences handy.

How we can Work Together

With an aim to share the real travel adventures and experiences from around the world this is how we can work together:

> Fellow Travellers and Bloggers can share their real life travel experiences from around the world. For instance, top budget hotels, beautiful hidden spots, safety of a place or covid precautions  etc. So, we can together collaborate to share our experiences to wider audiences.

> Long term Partnership from Brands and interested people.

> Anything focusing on responsible tourism, sharing real experiences, making an impact through travel.

Please drop an email to info@mytravelexp to discuss on a project or for any collaborative engagements