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25 Unconventional And Awesome Travel Hacks For Better Travel Experiences

Do I need these Travel Hacks

Sometimes little issue’s can spoil our travel experience. We regret later only to know that, the issue could have been avoided if we were well informed beforehand. So, yes we definitely need these travel hacks to be a smart traveler. You can save yourselves money as well as avoiding unpleasant encounters during travel.

Here is a list of 25 travel hacks. This will make you wonder why you missed them beforehand, just embrace it –

The Best Travel hacks for a smart Traveler

1- Scan of passport and ID proof

One should not wait for the last minute confusions, instead arrange your documents, passport, visa beforehand.

2- Travel Credit Card

If possible, apply for a travel credit card. Many credit cards are now also working with major airlines. Credit card purchases can be exchanged for flight miles (but there is a minimum monthly consumption). You can get extra miles when you apply.

You can pay for anything with a credit card and accumulate flight miles by the way. Remember not to swipe your card to make sure you have enough money to pay the bill.

3- Portable Phone Charger

Your gadgets nowadays are as equally important as any other important thing. So, never forget to take a power bank, or portable chargers with you on your journey

4- The Aisle and Window seat

To enjoy travel wholeheartedly, you should book the seat of your preference. We suggest either go for the Window seat to live the view. Or go for the Aisle seat for more comfort and to access washroom easily.

5- Avoid Jet Lag

Try to change your sleep patterns a few days before your journey, to avoid jet lag. Or a bit of exercise before your journey could avoid jet lag and leave you fresh as before.

6- ATMs for local currency

Nowadays most people like to use cards to pay. Still, there may be a few shops that require you to pay the local currency. You should lookup for the locally available ATMs for local currency.

7- TV for charging

Forgotten or lost the plug for your charger? Don’t worry, Now a days almost all Smart TVs have a USB connector on the back or side. Just plug in your low battery or discharged electrical device to see the charge battery icon charge.

8- Fridge to enhance battery Life

To keep your batteries fresh and and sustain for longer, just put them in the hostel or hotel fridge with your food. This is one of the most bizarre travel hacks, but its science. Rechargeable batteries retain almost 90% of their full charge in cold temperatures, so no need to charge them as often.

Travel tricks for Budget Travel

9- Flight booking

It’s recommended to book your flights a few weeks before. As a last-minute hassle can lead to increased prices of air tickets.

10- Market Researcher

While planning your journey one should do market research of what are the cost-effective ways available. Like booking for cheap flights, looking for a good but low rate hotels, where to go for shopping, what tourists places are must-visit, etc.

11- Google as Digital Guide

A few years before going to a new place was quite a talk. But now one can go anywhere without any guide, saving the tour guide cost. Just you need apps like google maps(for navigation), google translate(for communication), google lens(an AI guide based on pictures) .

12- Use power of Local

When traveling one should try to interact more with the local public. Get to know about the best places to visit, or what is the food specialty of that city. This will not only make your travel easy but also you will gain so much information about the place.

Travel tricks for Backpacking

13- Pack only essentials

List out all the travel essentials based on place and weather and try to optimize your backpacking

14- Pillowcase

Not pillow “just a case” in order to save space.  You can use the pillowcase for compressing the clothes such as puffy jacket. This will save quite lot of space in your backpack.

15- Compression socks

For less swelling and better circulation. Can make your flight travel more bearable.

16- Roll Clothes

Roll up clothes to save space and to prevent wrinkles and save luggage space! Operate as follows: first, lay the clothes flat, and then turn the clothes outward from about 5cm from the bottom (this will form an envelope or pocket); from the other side, roll the clothes tightly to the bag.

17- Baby Powder

Quite awkward, but baby powder is quite amazing for freshening up. Particularly in the summer, your feet or footwear would start smelling, if you’re wearing flats or sandals. Applying some baby powder on them is a quick hack to deodorize the smelling feet.

18- Perfume to Spray Bottle

Now this is a weird but useful travel hack! Instead of taking those expensive and big perfume bottles, you can just transfer some of the perfume in a small spray bottle.

19- Pen in Backpack pockets

A pen is necessary to have a list of all travel essentials. Also to sign for any documents during immigration.

20- Empty water bottle

At airports or at many tourist places free water is available. But still we buy it at high price. So one must carry an empty and reusable water bottle, as it’s important to keep yourself hydrated even while traveling.

21- Mark your bag as Fragile

To ensure that your luggage is handled with safety, one should cover it with covers stating as fragile or handle with care. If you are carrying something delicate like crockery, your travel essentials, or things made of glass then you should definitely put a cover of the handle with care.

22- List of Souvenirs

Souvenirs are not just the famous products of a place, but also reminds the memorable moments of your journey. You can buy some souvenirs for your friends and family. As shown above- camel prop from Dubai, Handprinted bowls from India. Eiffel Tower prop from Paris, and Japanese fans a symbol of prosperity.

Travel Hacks for Wi-Fi Fix

23- Offline google Map

Google map being your digital guide has now become a necessity. In some places, the network might be slow, so you should download the offline version of google maps to avoid any inconvenience.

This is a very important travel hack when you are traveling to mountainous places. It helps during camping, as you don’t want your adventure and travel experience ruined by listing in those mountains

24- Offline Google Translate

If you are traveling to a country, of which local language you are not familiar with. Goggle translate offline version would really be useful, to avoid any inconvenience.

25- Get those Wi-Fi Passwords

Try to find the public WIFI options, instead of using your own data. If you are unable to find any public WIFI’s look for an app- FourSquare. Here people share ratings, tips and reviews on places to go near you (e.g. cafes, restaurants, bars, etc.). In Tips section of this app you can find passwords for various restaurants or cafes.

We can’t possibly have all the answers, so this is where you can come in! If you have any innovative or ingenious travel hacks or travel experiences of your own to share. Please share them in the comments below or contact us.

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