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Top Destinations Around The World For Budget Travel

Why Budget Travel ? Because the costs of living, transportation, and other expenses are lower. Currency exchange rates may be more advantageous to you too depending where you’re from. Or simply because budget travel is possible even in these places, you just have to know the right things about the locality.

We’ve created a list of the top destinations for budget travel per continent except Antarctica. This is to cater to the ambitious traveler, and the wide-eyed wanderer (though not all are lost). We’ll be focusing on one per continent to keep it short and simple.

Without further ado, here’s our list of top destinations for budget travel. Happy trailblazing!

North America

North America is a large continent with the world’s largest countries and economic powerhouses. Its tourism has awe-inspiring canyons, coasts, fast-paced cities, and colorful culture.

Going on a backpacking tour across North America or a budget travel in one of its countries is worth every penny for the travel experiences you’ll get.

Our pro travel tips are to plan your itinerary at least two years in advance and save up as early as you start planning. This is so you can maximize your trip and stay within budget.

You can visit the United States, Canada, Mexico, Cuba, Costa Rica, and the Dominican Republic among many.


Hola! Mexico is a colorful country with all its sights to see, places to experience, and culture to dive into. Mexico is a popular place for backpackers because of the diverse travel experiences and the affordability of tourism. Explore Aztec and Mayan culture, vibrant beaches, delectable food, and the upbeat local culture.

Mexico’s top 3 places to visit are Playa Del Carmen, Cancun, and Tulum. Average hotel rates for Mexico are $8.38 per day:

  • 3-day stay: $25.14
  • 5-day stay: $41.90

South America

Latin America is home to Peru’s famous Machu Picchu, the Amazon Rainforest at Ecuador, and the beautiful beaches of Brazil. Discover a historically rich culture, adventure trips to places your feet have never wandered, and cuisines that only Latin America can hand the traveler.

Countries you can visit are Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Venezuela.


Peru is a travel destination that’s at the top 10 of every backpacker’s list. One of Peru’s travel gems is the ancient Machu Picchu historical site. It tells of an ancient civilization’s history and way of life as you walk around the ruined city. The wonder heightens as you take in all the ancient architecture, present culture of Peru, and the natural surroundings of the Amazon basin and the Andes mountains behind the city.

Aside from ancient history, Peru serves a gastronomic experience of Peruvian cuisine such as ceviche and seafood that have lit up the culinary community.

Another nature trip in Peru is experiencing the colorful Rainbow Mountains. Average hotel rates for Peru are $6.71 per day:

  • 3-day stay: $20.13
  • 5-day stay: $33.55


Europe is the world’s smallest continent next to Australia. But despite its size, it boasts of the world’s largest influential cultures in business, fashion, and most of all tourism.

Luxury travelers and backpackers alike frequent Europe all year round. Classical architecture, Mediterranean cuisine, modern cities, and stunning landscapes characterize Europe.

Europe’s top destinations for budget travel are Estonia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Portugal, Slovenia, and Croatia.

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest steals the hearts of many backpackers and tourists traveling on budget because of its impressive architecture in its buildings, UNESCO World Heritage sites, culinary delights, hip designer stores, and hot baths you can only find in Budapest.

Sunsets at the Castle Quarter beckon travelers and locals to marvel at the castle and the stunning backdrop of the sky behind. Average hotel rates for Budapest are $18 per day:

  • 3-day stay: $54
  • 5-day stay: $90


Few places in the world can compare with Africa’s safaris, wild animals, dramatic and panoramic flatlands, beaches, and its beautiful people. Places you can visit in Africa are Nairobi in Kenya, Cape Town in South Africa, Tanzania, or Ghana.

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is known for its best-selling wines, Boulders Beach flocked by African penguins and blue waters, and delicious food at the markets. You’ll also find breathtaking safaris just a few hours away from Cape Town.

Hiking enthusiasts will also love it at Cape Town as they explore Table Mountain’s walking trails. Average hotel rates for Cape Town are $13 per day:

  • 3-day stay: $39
  • 5-day stay: $65


Asia is a fan favorite among backpackers and everyone else traveling on a budget. With affordable tourism rates, you can stretch your dollar and experience a decent hotel with a sumptuous meal. Pristine beaches also abound around Asia making it a top destination for budget travel year to year.

Asia’s top destinations for budget travel are Thailand, Indonesia, India, Sri lanka, Nepal, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Malaysia.


India is a large country with a diverse offering of travel experiences for the first-time backpacker or the seasoned traveler. From the grand Taj Mahal, to Delhi’s architecture, Goa’s beaches, Himachal’s mountains, and the Kerala’s backwaters, India is a marvelous place to begin your Asia budget travel.

Average hotel rates for India are $10 per day:

  • 3-day stay: $30
  • 5-day stay: $50

Australia can also be a good option for Budget Travel

Australia is a continent and a sovereign country by itself that’s home to natural wonders such as the Great Barrier Reef, Uluru, the Kata Juta national park and modern wonders like the Sydney Opera House.

It is nothing short of the great outdoors everyone has come to know it for and the sophisticated modern country host to metropolitan cities like Melbourne and Sydney.

Explore stunning beaches, hip cities, and beautiful deserts in Australia. Experience the Great Ocean Road’s road trips and go out of town through camping trips by the beach or at its national parks.

Popular Australia backpacking routes are traveling from Sydney to the Gold Coast for sun, sand, and city fun. Check out Tasmania, New South Wales, Fraser Islands, Adelaide, and Brisbane too for your budget travel adventure.

Australia may be known as an expensive country to travel to but with the right budgeting and planning, you can still travel to Australia on an affordable budget. Average hotel rates for Australia are $23 per day:

  • 3-day stay: $69
  • 5-day stay: $115

We hope you learned a lot from this article on Budget Travel. If you have any ideas to share on budget travel or travel experiences, please share them in the comments below or contact us

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